Testimony and Praise

Jennifer, I really appreciate your compassion and caring…rare qualities in today’s world…… “Quality of life has improved 1000% for me and most of the people who know me have noticed the difference.  I still have insights now…they are more like, ‘why didn’t I think of that before’.  Life is good! —L.B

<strong>----B.H</strong> ----B.H

“Hello Jennifer, It’s been an interesting few weeks after our sessions. I have to say the sessions brought to light some very important confirmations. I haven’t listened to my recording yet. I’ve been taking steps toward re-alignment in my life. Thank you again. Take care…

<strong>--Leah</strong> --Leah

“Thank you Jennifer!! I am so happy with my new path and with the progress we are making in our sessions! This is exactly the expanding of awareness I was looking for.  Many blessings,

“I just had to email you this morning.  For the first time in decades, I feel happy this morning;  for no reason!  I feel a sense of freedom that I haven’t felt since childhood.  Thank you.  I cannot wait until our next session to see what we can uncover.”—- VB

<strong>--Sharon</strong> --Sharon

“I am thinking of you so much with such gratitude. My time with you was the pivotal moment, truly the watershed moment in the transformation I am experiencing.  I begin to understand what people say when they talk if spiritual rebirth. Thank you for being a midwife! Love,”

“Our time together with your guidance was wonderful and beautiful.  I never expected what was to happen, but I feel that many gates were discovered and hopefully will remain open given the guidance I received. You are truly gifted and I sincerely appreciate your dedication. I will keep you informed of the progress from time to time… our work together with your guidance has been a great help…thank you from my heart. With Appreciation, Love and Gratitude..”

“Thank you so much Jennifer. It was a wonderful experience and the beginning of a new facet of my life. I appreciate your insight, your guidance and support through the entire process. Warm regards,”

What people say about their Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy experience with Jennifer:

“Jennifer is a true healer who perfectly facilitated a process where I was able to  connect in a vast way to my deepest self.  She was caring, attentive, sensitive, nurturing,  compassionate and immediately put me at ease due to her trustworthy and accepting nature.  She was everything that I could ask for in a hypnotherapist  and more. By the end of our session, I felt that she had guided me through a most profound journey of self discovery and recollection and am deeply grateful for her guidance.”

<strong>--N. L. – NYC</strong> --N. L. – NYC

“Thank you so much for the amazing work you are doing with the Life Between Lives sessions. My two experiences were enlightening and fascinating and they took me places I had never been before.  I have been integrating the information and using it to empower myself as I proceed on my spiritual and emotional journey for re-integration. I believe that the more we know about ourselves throughout time and space the greater sense of empowerment we feel. Thank you for the great work you are doing; I know that everyone could benefit powerfully from experiencing sessions with you. With much gratitude.”


“I was pleased with the regression: As I am very well versed in this type of work having done many past life regressions. This regression was different because it focused more  on this life, and what the purpose of this life is rather than past lives. I also got very clear information about speaking my truth which seems to be a major theme for this life time… This shift in awareness supporting my conviction to stand my ground will bring me to a higher evolutionary level and open up a channel for future generations of  women in my family line to own their own power.  Jennifer was able to help me see the big picture and confirm for me that I was on the right path.”


“Jennifer’s gentle energy and wonderful technique perfectly facilitated my journey  into the spirit world.  With her assistance, I was able to confidently enter into a deep  state of hypnosis, and to experience a life-altering process. Her patience and her understanding helped tremendously in allowing me to journey at a comfortable pace, and in finding answers to all the questions I set up before the session. Life between lives hypnosis has given me incredible clarity, comfort, and perspective. After my session I had immediately started taking steps towards achieving my soul’s purpose. Since I am now following my path, the universe is being very cooperative! I whole-heartedly recommend Jennifer and her services to anyone who is ready for positive transformation.”

<strong>S.A, MONROE, NEW YORK</strong> S.A, MONROE, NEW YORK

What Parents and Colleagues say about their Sandplay experience:

“Thank you cannot fully express my gratitude for the kindness you have shown us, or for your caring providing me with the reminder that goodness from others still occurs without reason. I have thought of you often over the past 5-6 months, and am always reminded of you through your works of art and E’s better ability to express his feelings and communicate. You hold such a special place in our hearts”

<strong>M.S –parent Hyde Park</strong> M.S –parent Hyde Park

“At the age of  10, my daughter suffered anxiety due to academic pressures, a death in the family and a parental separation. She wanted to stay home and keep her mother in sight at all times. day and night. Under Jennifer’s gentle guidance, my daughter created imaginary worlds in the sand play boxes, which helped her find her own pathways back to stability.  Now she goes happily to school each morning and  sleeps in her own room each night. She is more confident in her own resourcefulness in the face of emotional challenges. ”

<strong>L.H _parent Rhinebeck</strong> L.H _parent Rhinebeck

“I’ve known and worked with Jennifer for over 25 years and have always admired her ability to connect with children and help them feel understood and nurtured through creative expression. She is a caring, empathic and highly attuned practitioner who combines her creative talents as an artist with a deep understanding of the symbolic processes of healing. Jennifer has a natural gift for working with children and they feel safe and nurtured in her presence. She is a wonderful resource for families and I highly recommend her work! “

<strong>Laura Harness, MA, MT-BC Sandplay Therapy practitioner, Board-Certified Music Therapist</strong> Laura Harness, MA, MT-BC Sandplay Therapy practitioner, Board-Certified Music Therapist


[testi_pane name= ‘I just had to email you this morning.  For the first time in decades, I feel happy this morning;  for no reason!  I feel a sense of freedom that I haven’t felt since childhood.  Thank you.  I cannot wait until our next session to see what we can uncover.“



”Jennifer, ”Jennifer,



<strong>sharon</strong></p> sharon