Introduction to Hypnosis 

  • Somatic Experiencingⓒ 1 hour  A body – mind process based on the work of Dr Peter Levine. This mindfulness practice is offered in a supportive space and guided by a trained practitioner. Clients receive tools to help restore safety, regulation and to process a variety of life experience. Slowing things down and tracking “felt sense” experience offers the system relief and a sense of empowerment. New choices can be introduced once the system identifies a sense of agency. Through this process individuals are  better equipped to handle everyday challenges.
  • 1 Hour  Hypnosis in this introductory session. Address issues in a safe space while developing the practice of connecting with  superconscious awareness and gratitude.
  • Full Intake Session Exploration : 85+ minutes   Experience Hypnosis receive Tools for improved Somatic awareness, strategies for change. Receive a MP3 recording,  personalized action plan
  • Somatic experiencingⓇ intake session:  85 minutes    Session includes Assessment and creating a treatment plan, and begins the process of unraveling overwhelming  life experience.  Using a method of trauma resolution that brings the body and mind back into regulation after an overwhelming experience. Based on Dr. Peter Levine’s work, It a provides specific protocols to bring someone out of fight, flight or freeze.
  •  Inner Exploration:  Relax in a soothing sound space  created  just for you.  Experience the power of hypnosis: connect with safe space, uncover roots of behavior, find lost parts, heal relationships or manifest future dreams. Whether you wish to let go of an addiction, lose weight, create abundance, or de-clutter, know that change is possible. Receive a cd to help support positive choices. Bring a wish list to address. Develop the ability to more easily enter into states of hypnosis. Like playing a musical instrument or learning to dance, the more experience one has in hypnosis, the more natural and effortless it can become. Includes a
  • Mp3 recording for support and home practice  upon request.
  • 2-2.5 Hours: Past Life Regression: Life Review  Receive powerful insights by visiting  womb, past life and beyond. Through awakening memory, we are empowered  with  greater understanding of our  soul purpose.  Recognizing patterns  over time  brings healing physically, emotionally & spiritually. Includes a recording upon request.        
  • 3.5-5 Hours: Life Between Lives™:  Travel through the doorway of your heart beyond time. A Life Between Lives session is a profound method to help us remember who we are, our purpose, and ways to implement the changes we would like to see in our lives. It provides a space for us to see the bigger picture of ourselves over time. We are often given clues into our personal history through patterns of behavior, flashes of recollections, or experiences of déjà vu. Creating a safe and loving space with the intention for the highest good to benefit beings, we create a foundation to access subconscious material in a powerful way. Exploring our past experience functions to help us understand patterns over time. By accessing this material, we become empowered to live fully in the present, which creates a ripple effect on all future possibilities. Includes a recording upon request. 

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    • Follow up for optimal change: are based on individual needs and pro-rated according to time spent.  The opportunity to repeat sessions according to life changes. Strengthening and clarifying for new projects, chapters and relationships.
    • Quantum…Consciousness:
    • Conversing with your Future Self: Life Progression
    • 1 Hour: Sand play A powerful, sacred, and somatic modality, which helps integrate experience, akin to entering dream state. Meditation meets Jungian Symbol formation.
    •  Price adjustments will be made  for a  PLR/LBL  Package

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