As new modalities are opening up in inner exploration through hypnosis, and quantum consciousness, we begin to understand our selves as maps, holding the records of our experience over time. Through inner journeying, we understand ourselves as multidimensional beings, with so many possibilities for discovery.

I have always been compelled by this exploration and I an extremely honored to be a witness for others in their magnificent journeys, which at times can defy words. As I witness, I know there are moments when it maybe necessary to venture through pockets of challenging emotions and holding patterns. I have come to appreciate the immense rewards and empowerment in doing so.

hypno with his mother - nyx

Methods of Remembering

Active imagination, Art, Meditation, Hypnosis and Sand play.

Since I could remember, I gravitated to the spacious fields of day dreams, walking in the woods with my dogs for hours, while making up stories with the strong desire to crawl inside them. It was a time of expanded awareness, free from earthly limitations. A place beyond words, feeling a connection to each of the elements, the sounds and colors around me. This has always been a natural state for me, now I call it holographic thinking, inter-dimensional, non-linear, way to big for words. It was in childhood that I learned to navigate these vast terrains, journeys of the mind and spirit. Surrounded by invisible companions, woodland sprites, helpers, and guardians, I have always found comfort in that space.

There are endless benefits of traveling in these ways, and now I am witness for others in their inner explorations. Each step along the journey towards my own understanding and healing has brought me greater wisdom, which I now offer others as navigate through their own inner landscapes. I understand now how each of disciplines I have gravitated towards are a result of this propensity, Each of those modalities reside in a space which bi-passes conceptual mind.

Experience Held in the Space of Love

In contemplative meditative practice, the space between thoughts expands, and opens up to new landscapes. It is through bi-passing our conceptual mind, that we enter into vast and spacious fields. This is held in awareness. There is a   thread common to the practices of meditation, hypnotherapy and expressive arts: a suspension from the judging mind. All of these forms allow the emergence of threads of association: Jung called it active Imagination.

Once we feel  free to be present in the moment we can be available for what arises. Being able to tolerate the state of not knowing is an essential component of play. Trusting this process is cultivated through experience. Just as in a jam session of musicians, there is a natural rthymn. There are immense rewards in allowing states of not knowing to simply unfold. Inevitably, an inner knowing unfolds and the right resolution will naturally reveals itself. When that occurs, we touch the numinous.

Invisible Sandplay

Through Hypnosis we can access our highest wisdom and inner resources. It cultivates a heightened state of awareness and can catapult us into profound levels of understanding, despite its name.

Hypnos, the god or spirit of sleep. is said to reside in Erebos, the land of eternal darkness, which exists beyond the gates of the rising sun. In this case, sleep can afford us the possibility to dream as Hypnosis   can offer us a heightened state of awareness  From there he rose into the sky each night in the train of his mother Nyx (Night). Hypnos was often paired with his twin brother Thanatos (Peaceful Death), and the Oneiroi (Dreams). According to Greek mythology, Hypnos lived in a cave, which was lined with poppies and other hypnotic plants. It is said that the river Lethe, also known as the river of forgetfulness, flows through it. In mythology, drinking from its waters was a requirement in order to forget earthy existence after death. It is a mystery that this is the namesake associated with our current practice of hypnosis. I ponder this, as we are each asked to go into the hidden or dark caves of ourselves, in the act of inner exploration. We are asked to awaken, and release from the river of forgetfulness, even though it may flow before us.

A sister to meditation, the heightened hypnotic state allows the mind to connect to a thread of memories, traveling back through time into timelessness. Hypnosis has a multitude of applications as varied as the imagination. Within a hypnotherapy session, we journey inward, at times creating a map of earth below and celestial above. sun, stars, moon and stars all help create a container for Alchemically. In this container of safe space we naturally know what to do to heal. In this space, I am helper, guiding individuals into conversations or calling back lost or traumatized parts, releasing contracts, reframing experience.

I have always felt a comfort in the landscape of symbols, lights and colors, beyond only words. As I review the methods I have been most drawn to, I understand the parallels between the disciplines. It is gratifying to meet others in that space, and immensely rewarding to witness its benefit for others.