LIFE BETWEEN LIVES Life Between Lives® expands the paradigm of traditional Psychotherapeutic models to allow exploration into subtle states beyond time. Whatever one’s belief system, the larger paradigm embraced in this process opens up vast possibilities and enables individuals the space to explore inner and transpersonal experiences. At times, people may need to travel to… Read More»

Untangling Emotional Knots

First Published in Center for Healthy You Magazine  August 2015 Attention deficient hyperactivity disorder, depression, bi-polar disorder. What lies behind these diagnoses? Why have they become so endemic in our culture? Is there something we are missing? It may be time to look at other causes underlying the proliferation of mental illness. Could they be… Read More»


METHODS OF REMEMBERING As new modalities are opening up in inner exploration through hypnosis, and quantum consciousness, we begin to understand our selves as maps, holding the records of our experience over time. Through inner journeying, we understand ourselves as multidimensional beings, with so many possibilities for discovery. I have always been compelled by this… Read More»