Life Between Lives® expands the paradigm of traditional Psychotherapeutic models to allow exploration into subtle states beyond time. Whatever one’s belief system, the larger paradigm embraced in this process opens up vast possibilities and enables individuals the space to explore inner and transpersonal experiences.  At times, people may need to travel to places within to unravel complicated emotions and understand roots of habitual patterns.

The Life Between Lives Practitioner® is trained to witness and help individuals process those states, which often results in life changing insights. 

Exploration of past is a method to identity and find  the roots of our habitual patterns, understand our purpose with greater clarity, and therefore  live in the present in a more effective way. In the process of journeying within, we can access the stories and histories we have identified with over time. The function of uncovering our stories serves as an opportunity to help us integrate and release them. In so doing we can connect with the vast space of great Love and our highest Wisdom.


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What is Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy?

 Life Between Lives regression is the result of years of research and the documentation of over 7000 individual case studies conducted by Dr. Michael Newton, Ph.D.  A deep hypnotic process,  LBL experiences have helped thousands connect with their own immortal aspect, that aspect of self  which exists beyond time.

 For more Information visit the Newton Institute.

How is a LBL session different from other sessions?

It is the level of  trance, or Theta level brain wave activity, which is obtained in depth states. In this state, super conscious memories can be accessed. In  order to achieve this level of trance depth, a Life Between Lives session can last between 3 to 4.5 hours. Each unique  session  serves to connect one to the experience beyond time. Imagine a chance to travel through your  history beyond time, to understand  your bigger story. From that vast perspective, one receives guidance and behavioral patterns can be placed  into  proper perspective. As one makes contact with  one’s source of inspiration, one is activated to find  tools  to maintain connection to ones highest wisdom. Like any journey it is important to be prepared and have the right guide.  A LBL session taken with a trained LBL practitioner allows one the comfort of being with someone who  is skilled in navigating the landscapes beyond time.

Preparing for a Life Between Lives© Session

Like any skill, one’s ability to enter into trance depth is developed through experience. When preparing for your Life Between Lives session, it is most beneficial that you already have experience of Hypnosis before you arrive. Generally speaking, people who are familiar with Meditation or hypnotic states will enter into trance depth with greater ease. The best way to prepare for an LBL session is to have  a Past Life Regression with someone in your area or with Jennifer.

If it has been a while since you have experienced a regression and feel comfortable with the process, there are ways to practice before having a Life between Lives session. Meditation, self-hypnosis, guided visualization are all methods for calming and focusing the mind, all of these will  be of immense benefit.  In addition, once you set your Life Between Lives© Session date, Jennifer can send you a pre-recorded sound journey specifically designed to prepare you for your session.

Schedule your session on a day off from any responsibilities so you can  benefit most from your experience. If you need to travel a distance for your session, it is wonderful to make the trip part of your process. The Amtrack train follows the Hudson River, which is one of the most beautiful routes in the world. Otherwise, consider booking a room in a local Inn. Inns in Rhinebeck and Hudson valley are known for their  New England charm.

It is important to be comfortable: wear simple clothes. Eat a moderate meal beforehand. Refrain from using substances such as alcohol, and excessive caffeine before your session as these may interrupt the  flow during extended periods in trance.  A cup of coffee or tea is fine.

You may choose to read Dr. Newton’s books before your session, but this is not required.  It is great to keep an open mind without preconceived ideas or expectations. It is a good time to pay attention to dreams, heightened awareness, and insights. Once you decide to have a session, the process begins.

What to Bring to Your Session?

Wish list: This is a wonderful time to formulate questions you may have about yourself, your purpose,
and relationships. No question is too big or too small. This is the time to ask since  Past Life Regressions and LBL sessions offer  a chance to receive guidance as we become our own channel. It is helpful to refine questions and focus inquiries into one page. This is the time to create your wish list of dreams and aspirations. Bring this along for your session.

List of Significant Others: Creating a List of Significant others helps  Jennifer  better  understand the important people in your life. This list consists of the first names of people who have significantly impacted your life. Typically included are relatives, best friends, lovers, and teachers. A list of ten names or less is sufficient. It is helpful to include a few words that describe each person and how they have impacted you. These names may come up and it is helpful to have this list on hand.

Comfort: Both Past Life Regressions and Life Between Lives sessions are deep and usually run several hours.
For this reason, it is recommended you bring whatever you may need to make yourself comfortable for an extended period, such as a special pillow, blanket, water, snacks, favorite photo, gemstone, etc.
(Water, eye covers cliff bars, pillows, juice and blankets are available.)

Recording Your Session Sessions can be recorded in digital format with your permission. MP3 files can later be emailed to you at no charge; If you wish to receive an audio CD  of your session created and mailed to you, a small  fee maybe requested. You are also welcome to bring in your own recording device. Although you will generally have clear recollection your session, a recording may be  a helpful  reminder of the more subtle details.

All sessions are confidential

Hypnosis is a deeply heightened state of awareness. Unlike common misconception, the client is in charge and the facilitator is available as co-pilot, and guide and support. All sessions will require client consent and are confidential with few exceptions for educational purposes, in which case, all names  and details will be changed.

Trusting the process

Our higher selves speak to us in unique ways, through dreams, symbols, stories or metaphor. There really is no right or wrong way to inner journey. It is especially helpful to let go of expectations and any judgement. Set with the intention for the individual’s highest good, one of the goals of this work is to “Know Thyself.”

It is helpful to follow and trust the emotions that come with the “story”. Often those stories have been hidden for a very long time. The gate keeper of the conscious mind may want to keep the status-quo, which has held us in habitual patterns that have often kept us disempowered. As we access material from our past, we strengthen our ability to trust ourselves.

What maybe the greatest Litmus test  to remembering is whether  there is a sense of relief. and following the feelings connected to the experience. Once patterns are recognized in a space of compassion for ourselves and others, they loosen their hold. We are free to move forward in our lives. We are empowered and can connect to our highest aspirations.

If you have made contact with this site, it is likely that your inner guidance has led you here. Perhaps it is time to have a life review, make a big decision, receive more clarity or strengthen your own inner guidance. Please feel free to contact us, ask  questions you may have and set up a session for yourself.

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