Clear Mind Arts

Jennifer Axinn-Weiss, MFA, CHT
 Medical Hypnosis, Life Between Lives
Expressive Arts Specialist
845 876-8828 cell 845 242- 7580 
          Practice Description   

   Offering a variety of modalities for the purpose of yielding inner wisdom, empowerment  and  life fulfillment. Working with adults and children and providing  tools to help individuals overcome challenges and bring more optimal joy. Hypnosis, expressive art processes, and sand play all access subconscious material  beyond words. Entering into a landscape of symbol and color has immense benefit, and accelerates transformation. Working beyond time limitations brings individuals into connection to  transpersonal experience, while revealing larger patterns in operation. Supporting the highest wisdom of each individual.  

  Entering depth trance states through Hypnosis provides a doorway for travel beyond time. Exploration to current, past life and one's experience between lives in a supportive space identifies and releases patterns of behavior over time. In addition, offering Sandplay helps to integrate the experience explored in depth states. It is a process which bridges meditation with symbol formation and Jungian Principles, and  is akin to entering  a dream state.

---It is my wish to help others  connect to their own vast histories through time and timeless-ness to experience a bigger picture. A Life Between Lives™ experience naturally places behavioral patterns into perspective and brings greater clarity, liberation and sense of purpose.Committed to meeting each person in the process which serves their highest good.  

 To read more about some of the modalities offered and specifically about  Jennifer's practice, here is a recent two part article in the Poughkeepsie Journal:

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